What to Wear Deer Hunting: Complete Guide to the Basics

We share some important tips for when you’re picking your deer hunting attire & some great items that you might want to invest in – as well as things you should avoid.

Fall ushers in the start of deer hunting season in locations throughout the nation; what an exciting time! There’s really nothing quite as exhilarating as heading out into the woods and searching for game.

However, every hunter knows that in order to be as successful as possible, you have to be properly prepared. While your rifle and ammo is certainly important, there’s another element of your deer hunting equipment that’s just as important: your clothing.

You’re going to be out for long periods of time, and often in chilly temperatures and wet conditions, so you want to dress in clothing that will keep you warm and dry, yet also comfortable.

Of course, you also want to ensure that you’re visible to other hunters, yet not so obvious that you’ll scare away your prey. Storage is another important component of your deer hunting attire. You want to have plenty of pockets to store extra ammo, flashlights, pocket knives, and any other equipment that you need to keep within arm’s reach.

With all of these important factors to consider, if you’ve never been deer hunting before – or it’s been a while since your last trip – you’re probably wondering what you should wear on a deer hunting excursion.

In this guide, we share some important tips that you should keep in mind when you’re picking your deer hunting attire and some great items that you might want to invest in – as well as things you should avoid.

After you’ve finished reading this guide, you’ll be ready to head out shopping to stock up on your hunting wardrobe so that you can hit the field in comfort, style, and totally prepared to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Consider the Temperature

As mentioned, deer hunting season falls in the autumn. Of course, in different parts of the country, the weather during this season can vary significantly.

If you’re located up north, a fall morning can start out super chilly, temperatures can climb in the afternoon, and when the sun starts setting, it can get cold again. If you’re hunting in southern regions, the temperature can remain pretty consistently warm throughout the day during the fall.

With that said, you’re going to want to consider the specific area where you’re going to be hunting to determine what type of weather you’ll be facing.

Regardless of where you’re going to be hitting the field, it’s important to remember that the main function of your deer hunting clothing is to provide you with protection from the elements.

If the temperature in the area where you’re planning on hunting tends to fluctuate, opt for gear that provides insulation, yet is breathable; items that feature therma-fill or fleece, for example.

You don’t want to go too bulky, though, because then you’ll end up not being able to move as freely as you want to .

If your hunting trip will be taking place in an area where it tends to stay warm throughout the day in the fall, you’ll want to look for clothing that is lightweight, yet provides you with protection from wind and sun.

A slight lining on your garments is a good idea, especially if a chilly breeze blows in; but, you should shy away from anything that will keep you too warm because the last thing you want to do is sweat the entire time you’re out in the field.

Best Selling Hunting Jackets

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Legendary Whitetails Canvas Cross Trail Workwear Jacket Barley Large
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  • Heavy duty zipper
  • Double interior pocket
  • Zip off hood
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Kryptek Dalibor 3 Camo Hunting Jacket (Dalibor Collection), Highlander, M
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Opt for Waterproof Materials

In addition to shopping for garments that will protect you from the temperature, you’ll also want to choose materials that will protect you from moisture. It tends to get rainy in all parts of the country during the autumn.

Even if the weather appears like it’s going to be clear at the start of the day, a storm could move in while you’re out in the field and you’ll end up being stuck soaked to the bone, and there’s nothing worse than spending a day out in the field being soaking wet.

Make sure you choose gear that’s made out of waterproof material. GoreTex is a great option, as it’s lightweight, durable, and it really does repel moisture.

We strongly recommend investing in a water repellent hunting coat, pants, and boots. If it’s particularly cold in your region and you want to protect your hands, you’ll want to buy a pair of waterproof gloves, too.

Socks are important, too. Make sure you invest in a pair of thick, yet lightweight, moisture-wicking socks. Even if it doesn’t rain, moisture-wicking socks will prevent your feet from getting swampy from sweat.

Dress in Layers

As we already discussed, the temperature can change drastically throughout the day; not to mention the fact that you even if it stays chilly, you can easily heat up while you’re out there, trudging for miles and hauling your gear.

To ensure you can adjust your attire to the temperature so that you can remain comfortable during your trip, dress in layers

Layers of lightweight clothing are highly recommended for deer hunting. Think a short-sleeved shirt topped with a long-sleeved shirt, then a fleece and a vest, topped with a lightweight jacket, maybe topped with a hunting vest.

Wear layers on the bottom, too. You can wear a pair of breathable thermal underwear and top it with lightweight, yet durable hunting pants. If the weather heats up – or you just find that you’re getting warm – you can easily remove a few layers and tuck them away. If the temp changes again, you can always put the layers you peeled off back on.

Best Selling Hunting Boots

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Muck Woody Max Rubber Insulated Men's Hunting Boots
  • 5 mm neoprene provides comfort and flexibility, along with excellent waterproofing, shock absorption and heat retention properties, adjusts to the shape of your feet to resist blisters and chafing
  • Stretch-fit Comfort Topline snugs calf to seal in warmth while keeping cold and debris out, high-grade extended rubber exterior provides additional waterproof barrier and extra toughness
  • Fleece lining is soft, durable and provides exceptional warmth in frigid environments, 2 mm of thermal foam under foot bed, comfort rated from -40 °F to 40 °F (-40°C to 4°C)
  • High-grade rubber exterior provides extra toughness and makes for a 100% waterproof hunting boot; EVA contoured, molded midsole for lightweight cushioning
Bestseller No. 2
Under Armour Men's Valsetz RTS 1.5 Militaryand Tactical Boot, Ridge Reaper Camo Ba (900)/Uniform, 11
  • Lightweight, durable synthetic leather & updated textile upper
  • UA ClutchFit ankle support system contours & provides supports where you need it most
  • TPU toe cap for added protection
  • Welded PU film surrounds the perimeter of the boot for abrasion resistance
  • Molded, anti-microbial Ortholite sockliner


Even if you’re planning on hunting along, you aren’t the only one who’s going to be hitting the forest with a loaded rifle. Deer hunting is a huge pastime and it’s almost guaranteed that you’re going to encounter other people who are hunting within close proximity; hence why it’s super important to make sure that you are easily visible.

Blaze Orange

That super bright neon orange – is a required color you need to wear while you’re hunting for deer. In fact, the color is recommended by hunting safety experts. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing on your inside layers, the last layer of clothing you put on should feature blaze orange.

Different states have different laws regarding hunter orange, so please read up on your local laws to make sure you are in accordance.

Whether it’s a vest, a jacket with patches on the elbows and shoulders, or an entire jacked covered in the color; blaze orange is an absolute must.

This color is easily visible to humans from miles away in the settings where you’d be hunting for deer; woodlands and open fields. As such, blaze orange helps to prevent rifle accidents and could quite possible save your life.

If you’re worried that this bright orange color will kill your chances of nabbing a deer, don’t be! It might come as a surprise, but deer can’t differentiate between orange and green, so while fellow hunters will be able to spot you, your prey won’t.

In fact, you’ll find plenty of camo items that feature patches of blaze orange on them.

Best Selling Hunting Orange Items

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Gamehide Sneaker Big Game Vest Blaze Camo, X-Large
  • Magnum rifle loops with flap and clip pocket
  • Vest made of hush hide for soft, silent, lightweight and is 100% cotton free.
  • Four-way dump pockets with shotgun shell loops and rear cargo pocket
  • Quilted shoulders for added support
  • Flashlight Pocket
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Avoid Cotton at All Costs

Jeans and a t-shirt may be comfortable, fashionable, and your go-to attire on a regular basis, however, when it comes to hunting for deer, you should avoid wearing denim and anything else that’s made of cotton at all costs. While it might seem comfy and cozy under regular circumstances, when you’re out in the elements, it’s a totally different story.

Cotton and denim garments, when they get wet, can take what seems like a lifetime to dry off. If you get stuck in an unexpected downpour, you’re walking through a dew-covered wood, or you have to wade through a pond or stream, you’ll regret wearing cotton materials.

Plus, cotton gets pretty heavy when it’s wet. So, you’ll not only be damp, but you’ll also have to lug around heavy material on your back; in no time, you’ll be extremely uncomfortable.

Another downside of cotton garments: it tears easily. If you get stuck by a branch, a sticker bush, or in a patch of burrs, you’re going to have holes in your clothes. Holy clothing leaves your skin exposed to the elements.

Instead of cotton, opt for garments that are made of stretchy polyester. It’s lightweight, durable, and won’t tear quickly; plus, it dries out pretty fast.


Camouflage is the go-to pattern for hunting, and for good reason; it helps you blend into the surroundings and makes you less visible to the deer you are going to be targeting.

Not all camo is created equal, however; it’s available in a wide assortment of patterns and colors. We recommend purchasing green, brown, and light gray, as those are the colors that you’ll encounter the most in the environment where you’ll find deer.

Take a look at the different types of patterns. Here are so many intricate camo patters that are designed to copy the background you’ll encounter when you’re hunting in the woods or a field.

Match your camouflage to the terrain and foliage

A word of advice: check the type of foliage and terrain in the area where you intend on hunting to get an idea about what type of pattern you should purchase; you may want to snap a few pictures and refer to them when you’re shopping.

Purchase gear that features camo patterns that most closely mimic the area where you will be hunting.

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets!

You can never have enough pockets when you’re hunting! The more pockets, the more spots you’ll have to store the things you need to keep on-hand and the fewer bags you’ll need to carry. That said, you should look for hunting garments that are stocked with pockets; pants, jackets, vests, etc.

Another word of advice: assess the pockets before you buy a garment. Don’t just assume that because a jacket or a pair of pants have a lot of pockets that they’re actually useful; they could be really shallow, in which case, they would be pretty much useless.

Put your hands into the pockets to get a feel for their depth. Additionally, it’s a good idea to look for pockets that close shut; zipper closures are ideal, as they’re the easiest to access.

Velcro is probably the next most useful closure. You could use buttons and snaps, but they aren’t as convenient as the previously mentioned options.

Best Selling Hunting Vests

SaleBestseller No. 1
Allen Company Extra Large Hunting/Safety Vest,Blaze Orange
  • Quiet acrylic material
  • Hook and loop closures to adjust over whatever clothing/jacket you have on
  • Blaze orange for safety when hunting or any other time a high-viz vest is needed
  • Perfect for walking to your blind
  • Fits up to 60" chest
Bestseller No. 2
Flygo Men's Casual Lightweight Outdoor Travel Fishing Vest Jacket Multi Pockets (Large, Orange)
  • FEATURES: Zipper front, regular fit, v neck, solid color, mutiple pockets, lightweight, quick dry, breathable. Removable back, back expose mesh make you more cool in summer hot days.
  • MULTI-POCKETS: Work safari fishing vest with 15 varying sized functional pockets, including secure zippered pockets and velcro fastening pockets. It’s a highly practical and versatile spring summer fall vest.
  • Style 01 & 03 & 04 Features: Zip fly, regular fit , stand collar, solid color, mutiple pockets, zippered pockets or velcro pockets, brass zippers, lightweight, breathable, mesh lining, 01 style back is also can detachable to become mesh back.
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  • All items are US size, please check detailed size info in product description before order

Choose a Face mask

Deer are pretty good at spotting reflective surfaces. If your face is sweating or you have an oily complexion and the sun shines on your face, a deer could end up spotting you, in which case, he’ll run away.

To avoid the risk of losing your target, you should consider covering your face with a mask. Plus, a mask will also help you keep warm if the weather is cold.

We suggest using a camo facemask that’s lightweight, breathable, and easy to put on and take off, yet will still in place while it’s worn. Take the weather into consideration.

A mesh mask is a better option if the weather is relatively warm, while something that has a solid structure will not only deflect reflections from shining off of your face, but will also keep you nice and warm.

Best Selling Hunting Masks

Bestseller No. 1
Ergodyne Standard Each, Camo, One Size
  • WIND-RESISTANT – Protective fabric paneling over face shields against the wind’s bite
  • BREATH EASY – Align mesh panel over the mouth for optimal airflow
  • HINGED DESIGN – Can be worn in 3 different ways: open face balaclava, neck gaiter or full ski mask
  • HIGH-QUALITY THERMAL FLEECE – Warmth in mild to extreme conditions
  • LONG LENGTH – Full head & neck coverage that easily tucks into jackets
Bestseller No. 2
Carhartt Men's Force Camo Helmet Liner, Mossy Oak Break up Country, OFA
  • 92 percent polyester/8 percent spandex blend with fleeced interior for comfort and warmth
  • Carhartt force fabric with fast dry technology wicks away sweat for comfort
  • Fights odor
  • Full-facial protection that extends below the neckline
  • Face mask pulls down the chin when not needed

Choose the Proper Footwear

Your footwear is super important. You want to ensure that your feet will be nice and comfy while you’re hiking through acres of woods; however, you also want to ensure that you have the protection and stability you need.

Hiking boots that cover the ankles are strongly recommended. They’ll protect your ankles and could potentially help you avoid twisting it and sustaining an injury if you trip during your trek.

Make sure the soles of the boots are durable and slip-proof. If you are walking on wet leaves or have to jump over wet rocks or any other slick surface, you’ll be glad that you have slip-proof protection.

Another word of advice: buy camo shoes that feature that blaze orange color and that fit you properly. Make sure you try the boots on and wear them about for a bit so you can determine how comfortable they are.

Summing It Up

Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind when you’re on the hunt for deer hunting gear and you’ll have a comfortable and supportive wardrobe to wear when you hit the open field.


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