The 5 Best Portable Camping Fans 2019 – Top Reviews & Guide

Best portable camping fans

As the future becomes more and more of a reality, smaller and more impactful tools become quite helpful when taking on a simple task.  While you can surely camp without a portable fan, why would you when you can choose from the best?

The best portable camping fan units never used to be a necessity, but with technology advancing and having these little luxuries, it’s a must.

By using a portable fan in your tent, you’ll be able to have a more enjoyable time with your friends, family, and even by yourself!  It’s something you will all benefit from, allowing you all to feel more motivated to be active, at peace, and most of all mindful. They’re simple, lightweight, and will allow you to be more comfortable and relaxed.

In this guide we’ll be walking you through everything you need to know about portable camping fans such as power, durability, and the brand.

Our Best 5 Portable Camping Fans

O2COOL Camping Fan
10 in
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OPOLAR Camping Fan
Battery & Rechargeable
9 in
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7.5 in
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O2COOL Camping Fan
10 in
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HoMedics Camping Fan
9 in
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1. O2COOL Camping Fan– The Highest Rated Choice

The O2COOL portable camping fan is a great choice when looking for an option that will work for you on your future camping trips.  It’s durable with its hard casing and it’s meant to last for the long haul.

A 10 inch size is the perfect size for any tent big or small since it’s easy to move where you want it and it’s battery powered so you won’t be limited as to where you can place it.  This product also comes with led lighting as well, which will allow you to easily see where it is at all times, even when you have no power.

With a considerably reasonable price, this is one of the most affordable, especially for the quality you will be receiving from this product.  As well as being easy to use, this product is durable for any kind of environment.

Coming from a very well trusted brand, you’ll be insured that your product will be something you can easily rely on for the long run. This compact design is a must and the reviews are the highest compared to any other portable cooling system on the market.

  • The price is very reasonable
  • Easy to use
  • Durable because of its casing
  • Batteries not included
  • No color options
  • Requires 6-D batteries

2. OPOLAR Camping Fan– The Largest Size on the Market

OPOLAR constantly releases new products that innovate the market in a way that always scores well reviewed ratings from customers in a variety of settings.  If you would like to use this product in an office, home, or in your tent, you’ll be able to do so.

This model is also one of the largest on the market so you’ll have the most impactful air flow in your space without making a ton of noise.

This product also allows you to customize your air conditioning experience by choosing between the angle and speed at which the product works.

Overall, this brand is one of the most trusted and the rechargeable aspect of this product will insure that you’ll have this product for years to come.

  • Makes virtually no noise
  • Has two speed options
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Enhanced airflow
  • Can be recharged
  • Largest airflow
  • A bit complicated to set up
  • The rechargeable batteries might quit working

3. VORNADO FIT Camping Fan– The Smallest and Most Portable

This product happens to be one of the most versatile options on the market currently due to its small size and how compact it can be in any situation.

The VORNADO FIT is a very modern and fun product that allows you to choose between 2 different speed options, even on such a small model.

With the compact design, it packs a punch that will help you cool off in a small tent.

While it will have a difficult time cooling off multiple occupied tents, it does work well with personal tents that are closed off.

Certified and safety tested, this option is the smallest, yet one of the top three highest rated options, ideal if you want to explore a product made for you. The product also utilizes signature vortex technology that will effectively circulate air in your personal space without harsh noise or temperature changes.

Overall, with a three year guarantee, you’ll find that you’ll be able to rely on this product much longer than many expect.

  • 2 Speed setting
  • Adjustable settings for airflow
  • Compact design
  • Certified and safety tested
  • Extremely small
  • Does not cool larger spaces

4. O2COOL Camping Fan– The Best When on the Go

Another featured product from O2COOL should just go to show how well their products stand out in the market.

With many individuals flocking to their products we just had to include an additional option for those who want more technology advanced products.

Some key features that stand out when talking about this fan focus on the USB charging port and easy to use power switch to save energy and to overall be more efficient in how you utilize your power while camping.

You’ll also have a variety of options when it comes to how you would like to power this portable camping fan: plug in, batteries, or AC adaptation. Thus making it possible to use this product in more than one circumstance, and is is more useful for the price.

By being able to carry this product wherever you go with an easy to use setup and handle, you’ll be able to stay cool in any kind of environment.

  • USB Charging port
  • Easy to move with flip up handle
  • Tilting fan for airflow
  • Power Switch
  • Energy Saving
  • The price is more demanding
  • Batteries not included

5. HoMedics Camping Fan– The Energy Saving Must Have

HoMedics offers a relatively innovative option that’s energy saving, cheaper, and uses clean tank technology to take advantage of water to cool the room rather than pure power.  This product is perfect for both indoor and outdoor situations. A perfect alternative for the camping air conditioner for tents.

While you might not have every opportunity to use this product unless you have a power supply, but because of how it offers more energy saving techniques, it leaves behind less of a carbon footprint wherever you go.

With 2 fan settings this product can compete in any climate, wet or dry, cooling a small personal area for up to 12 degrees lower. You’ll also know right away when the water needs to be changed due to the indicated light.

This product might not be ideal for everyone, but it can be a fantastic option for those who want something simple, lower priced, and easy to use without the hassle.

  • Cools an area of 4ft
  • Energy Saving
  • Uses water to cool
  • Uses Clean Tank Technology
  • Very quiet
  • More Maintenance
  • Cools only a small space

How To Choose The Right Portable Camping Fan

When you’re faced with the choices that come with investing in a new product or tool for backpacking, there are many various elements to consider when choosing the right product for your lifestyle.

This is based on a variety of different things such as power sources, the quality of the brand, and how long the product should last based on its durability.

We’ll be looking at all of these qualities below and you’ll be able to ask yourself if the products you’re looking at follow these tips and tricks before you fully invest in a particular option.

How will you be using this product when you go camping?  How big is your camping space, does it house more than one individual or just one person only?  Will you be able to go without a powersource with the product and not have to worry about how long it will last?

These are all examples of what you should be asking when you’re looking to buy the best portable camping fan on the market.


Power is very important when it comes to bringing technology into the picture when you discuss camping.  While a plug-in fan is easy enough to bring along with you, will you always have access to an outlet or to power at all?

You need to be able to plan exactly how you’ll be setting up your camping space and what power options will be available to you.  Which is why we’ve included a number of products that can both be used by an outlet or just by rechargeable batteries.

Whether or not you have power, having a cooling system set up that solely relies on an outlet is very limiting and quite a risk when camping, plus you won’t be able to bring the cooling system with you wherever you go if you decide to sit outside or to a different tent.


The durability of a product you’ll be carrying with you on various travels is one of the most important elements to look for in a portable camping fan.  You’ll want this product to be able to last long enough that you are able to rely on it multiple times.  Regardless of a lower price or a more expensive option, the highest rated options on this list will last you many years to come according to their brands and marketing.

If you invest in a product that doesn’t meet your standards when evaluating the materials, strength, and longevity, you’ll be able to reach out to the brand to see what steps will be taken to insure this won’t happen again with a replacement or future product from them.

The Brand

When purchasing any kind of product, you want to clearly look over the brand you plan on buying from.  See what other people have to say about them and create your own mental profile about the brand that really dives in deep when it comes to the products they put out into the world.

What is their mission, what is the goal, how does that translate into the quality of the products they offer you as the customer?  Do you feel they care about their customers just as much as the profit?

Other Things To Look For

Of course every product and brand can be very different when offering many new innovative technologies, but portable camping fans don’t need to be the exception.  Reach out to the brand and ask questions, get to know their outlook and the features they pride as the most important with their products as a whole.

Look for high quality and tested materials, energy saving techniques, and compact sizes that allow you to take the product anywhere you would like with ease and without any hassle.  You should feel very confident in the products you buy, you shouldn’t have doubts.

Our Final Review For The Best Portable Camping Fans

Whatever portable camping fan you choose from this list, we hope this guide has allowed you to learn more about this niche industry of products and what brands you can trust.

While it might seem like a simple luxury product, it’s so much more for you and your family, it’s a product that can bring comfort and relaxation as well, that’s something that would be considered priceless.

Keep in mind the tips we’ve listed above to help you invest in a product that works well for you and what you’re specifically looking for in your purchase. A portable camping fan can turn a whole camping trip around, making it more enjoyable and fun to experience with your whole family, the change is in the small details.

Let us know your thoughts when it comes to these unique products.  What product on this list was most to your liking and what wasn’t? We’d love to hear your opinion as well.

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