The 5 Best Multitools for Backpacking in 2019 [Reviewed]

When going on a hike or backpacking, carrying a multitool can save you some hassle. Regardless of whatever you plan to do, whether cooking or first aid, these devices come to your rescue. A multitool refers to a pocket-sized gear with lots of features like those you would find in any toolbox. With a multitool, there is no need to … Read more

The 5 Best All Mountain Ski Bindings in 2019 – Top Reviews

Bindings are often the last piece of ski gear you choose, but rare extremely important. They play a fundamental role as your connection between boot and ski. They allow for power transfer, responsiveness, and safety. The most common types of bindings are alpine and used for downhill skiing. Both the toe and heel of your alpine ski boots clip into … Read more

The 5 Best Daypacks for Travel 2019 – Top Reviews & Guide

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The 5 Best Hangboards in 2019 [Reviewed] – Top Models

Hangboards are a vital piece of equipment for both serious climbers who want to up their climbing game and hiking juveniles who want to become better at the sport. Hangboards, also known as fingerboards, assist climbers in building both their arm and shoulder muscles. These boards are also an essential tool for those climbers who want the ability to quickly … Read more

The 5 Best Approach Shoes for Hiking in 2019 – Top Models [Reviewed]

Approach shoes are a combination of hiking shoes, climbing slippers, and occasionally mountaineering shoes. Approaches can vary from multi-day, multi-terrain environments so you want your shoes to be able to handle a variety of situations. You want to make sure that aren’t exerting too much energy before the actual climb begins. Therefore, it is key to find an approach shoe … Read more