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The Best Mountain Biking Gloves: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Mountain biking gloves are essential part of your kit, Read on for our fulll review of the best options on the market right now with Pros & Cons.

Whether you are a novice or a professional rider, you need to wear protective gear whenever you are mountain biking. In this regard, you should not underestimate the importance of the best mountain biking gloves.

Mountain biking gloves will give you an enhanced grip of the handlebar and levers, and protect your hands against tough weather.

Additionally, gloves have been known to prevent bruises to the hands in the event of mild accidents. As important as these products are, some riders still do not pay attention when shopping for them.

While there are numerous mountain biking glove brands in the market, not all are suited for your needs.

To get the right product, you need to consider such aspects as the material, size, breathability, durability, comfort and safety features. To save you from this daunting decision, here are reviews of five of the best mountain biking gloves available today.

1. Giro Bravo Gloves – Best Overall Mountain Biking Gloves

Would you like to get a premium quality feel, superior performance and enhanced comfort with your new mountain biking gloves?

Despite their relative affordability, the Giro Bravo Gloves are designed to offer you the very best. Due to their quality design, these gloves are aesthetically appealing and will offer your hands enhanced protection.

In addition to their classy look and feel, these gloves are truly functional. To begin with, the material is capable of wicking sweat from your hands.

This may be attributed to the soft and absorbent microfiber of the material. This goes a long way in ensuring that your hands remain dry and comfortable, regardless of the prevailing weather condition.

In addition to offering the perfect fit, the hook-and-loop structural design of these gloves ensures that they remain in place. Therefore, the products will never slip from the knuckles regardless of what you are doing.  Durability is another aspect you will love about the Giro brand in general. Just like many other biking gloves by this manufacturer, the Bravo gloves have a durable palm construction.

The palm sections of the product are made of Clarino synthetic leather. This makes sense as the palm is the part that experiences most wear and tear whenever you are biking.

  • Made of high quality materials
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Has optimized padding
  • Features a moisture wicking material
  • Made of a breathable mesh
  • Features a 4-way stretch design
  • Offers a comfortable fit
  • You may find them to be smaller; advisable to order a size higher

2. INBIKE Cycling Gloves – The Best Mountain Biking Gloves for Men

This product was designed for men who love mountain biking. As such, it has the features for the demanding application, including a 5 mm Gel pad shock-absorber.

Additionally, the gloves are non-slip and highly breathable for enhanced comfort. This product is offered in several size options to ensure that you get your right fit.

As opposed to other mountain biking gloves, the INBIKE Cycling Gloves will never leave your hands feely achy after riding for a long time.

Another thing you will love about these gloves is the level of protection they offer your hands. To begin with, the products feature a 5 mm Gel pads at the palms. This protects your hands from fatigue associated with long distance riding.

The superfine fabric, along with the mesh cloth at the back of the gloves, is designed to wick away any sweat that may form as you ride. Additionally, these features will also ensure that your hands remain cool and comfortable throughout every mountain biking adventure. You will also like the Big Velcro design of the product. This design is not only appealing but makes the gloves easier to wear and remove.

  • Made of elastic Lycra
  • Features a durable knitted mesh fabric
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Features a low-profile, V-shaped Velcro closure
  • Adjustable fit at the wrists
  • Offers additional padding at the palms
  • Enhanced shock absorption
  • Suited for all season mountain biking
  • They are short fingered, hence do not offer protection for the fingers

3. Fox Racing Ranger Mountain Bike Gloves – The Best Minimalist Mountain Biking Gloves

Would you rather get a minimalist product for your biking needs? If so, Fox Racing Ranger mountain bike gloves will be a great choice.

These gloves will give you the perfect fit, allowing for optimal comfort and control over the bike. In a bid to make their product superior and unique, the manufacturer uses 3 different materials for these gloves.

The Polyester, polyamide Nylon and Polyvinyl Chloride materials have a functional role to play towards the overall performance of the product.

As you may have noticed, Fox is one of the renowned manufacturers of bike gloves today. Just like other products by this manufacturer, the Racing Ranger high quality, durable and functional.

In its construction, the Racing Ranger features 4-way stretch polyester, along with an AX Suede palm. This blend is specifically designed to offer you enhanced comfort and durability. You will also love the silicone grip offered by the gloves at the fingertips, as well as the double layer Clarino at the palms.

  • Features micro-suede absorbent material at the thumb
  • Offers silicone grip at the fingertips
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Features an appealing hexagon print
  • Comparatively flexible
  • Features low-profile wrist tab closure
  • The construction of the fingertips may affect the overall comfort of the product

4. Giro DND Gloves – The Best Mountain Bike Gloves Below $20

Generally speaking, Giro has established its place as a quality brand in the market. As a matter of fact, it is a preferred brand for bike accessories and spare parts for riders across the globe.

Just like other products by this manufacturer, the DND gloves are high quality and offer enhanced performance.

Though simple in design, these gloves are durable enough for any biking application. As such, you may use them for mountain biking, jumps, berms or just for trail biking and still get the durable performance associated with Giro products.

With regards to comfort and fit, the product features Super Fit engineered and is fitted with AX Suede palms. This allows for the minimalist design portrayed by the gloves.

By using this unique structure, the manufacturer is able to offer you quality, fit, comfort and durability within an affordable range.

  • Features a 4-way stretch and breathable design
  • Fitted with AX Suede palms
  • Made using a Super Fit engineering concept
  • Features a 2 mmEva Crush pad
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Features silicone print at the fingertips
  • Has flex zones at the knuckles
  • Features reinforced fingertips
  • They may lose grip with time

5. NEXTOUR Bike Gloves/Cycling Mountain Gloves – The Best Half-Fingered Mountain Biking Gloves

Do you find full-coverage gloves a bit uncomfortable or would just want to leave your fingers more flexible? Regardless of the case, the NEXTOUR Bike Gloves have a lot to offer you.

To begin with, the gloves feature a Sticky Velcro Buckle to secure them in place around the wrists. In this regard, you will have an easy time adjusting the gloves to your preferred tension.

As you know, the palm is the part that mainly supports your upper body weight while you are riding. As such, the best mountain biking gloves should offer enhanced protection for this part.

This NEXTOUR product has 3 comfortable fabric layers around the palm sections.  The product has also been proven to absorb shocks and vibrations.

  • Made of quality Lycra Spandex
  • Washable and durable construction
  • Lightweight and breathable design
  • Low-carbon green cycling gloves
  • Comfortable, sweat-wicking material
  • Leaves parts of the fingers unprotected

Other Best Selling Options

SaleBestseller No. 1
Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex BMX MX ATV MTB Racing Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Off-Road/Dirt Bike Gloves Road Racing Motorcycle Motocross Sports Gloves Touch Recognition Full Finger Glove Black L
  • Method for choosing the size,According to palm circumference not including thumb(Refer to left size chart. XS(6.89"-7.48",18cm-19.5cm) S(7.48"-8.27",19.5cm-21cm) M(8.27"-8.86",21cm-22.5cm) L(8.86"-9.45",22.5cm-24cm) XL(9.45"-10",24cm-25.5cm) XXL(10"-10.63",25.5cm-27cm)
  • PROTECTION -Direct Inject Rubber Logos & Graphics Protect the back of the hand and finger knuckles impact from injury as well. especially in the event of an accident. This style of gloves is designed to provide you maximum performance without maximum cost.
  • COMFORT -Lycra finger Gusset, Lightly padded, Silicone Gripper on ALL Finger TPR Hook & Loop Wrist Closure. Touch Recognition has functioned on index finger tip, Not finger belly.
  • USE - Designed to be incredibly versatile, these gloves will keep you protected no matter what. From Downhill, Mountain, to BMX Biking and beyond'these gloves will perform in any sport where falls and crashes are common. Suit up and stay safe!
  • NO HASSLE RETURNS AND WARRANTY - There is a full purchase price refund within 30 days of your purchase if you are not happy for any reason. After 30 days, there is a 1yr full replacement warranty on these gloves for any manufacturing defect.
Bestseller No. 2
Giro DND Men's Mountain Cycling Gloves - Heatwave/Black (2020), X-Large
  • Material: [palm] Clarino synthetic, [upper] 4-way stretch mesh
  • Closure: pull-on
  • Recommended Use: mountain biking
SaleBestseller No. 3
Tanluhu Cycling Gloves Mountain Bike Gloves Half Finger Road Racing Riding Gloves Breathable Shock-Absorbing Biking Gloves for Men and Women
  • Tanluhu Bike gloves is made of super elastic lycra and durable knitted mesh fabric, breathable and comfortable to best fit. Specially designed to support all sports lovers with most snug compression. The size is measured by circumference. Please refer to the size information and choose the right size.
  • Adjust Biking gloves tension to your personal needs by sticky adjustable Buckle. Highly elastic mesh cloth on the surface, breathable, moisture-wicking and tough. Never worry about any hand type.
  • Tanluhu Bicycle gloves absorbent microfiber wiping on thumbs is mainly helps to easily wipe sweat, warmly keep each sporter cool, comfortable in activities.
  • Mountain Road bike gloves with powerful shock absorption protection, reduce road vibration, hand fatigue, skip-proof and hard wearing, avoid stuffiness of palm even in vigorous exercise. Especially design in pull tab on the end of the fingers to help taking them off after sports.
  • High quality, Low-carbon green cycling gloves provide safer and comfortable in sports. Do not worry about regretting your purchase from us. Please contact us once you find a product received has failed your expectations, we will do best to respond to your satisfaction. You have no risk! Click the Yellow Button and "ADD TO YOUR CART NOW"!

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Mountain Biking Gloves

Just as mountain bikes are varied in price, style and design, so are mountain biking gloves. So, what type of sport are you into; is it MTB or just road biking?

These are some aspects you need to be certain about before choosing the best mountain biking gloves. You also need to consider the weather in which you will be wearing the gloves.

You will realize that you still have hundreds of mountain biking gloves to choose from. In order to get a pair of gloves that is best suited for your biking needs, there are several things to consider.

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The material used to make any mountain biking gloves determines their properties. Currently, there are several materials that may be used to make these products. Your preferred gloves should be made of a wicking material. In most cases, the best mountain biking gloves are made of more than one material.

Mountain biking is a demanding sport and you are very likely to sweat while at it. In addition to being breathable, your preferred material should be able to wick sweat away from the skin as you go. The right material should give you a perfect grip of the handles and levers. Some of the leading glove brands use rubber or silicone for the part covering the palms.

Durability of your gloves will also depend on the material used to make them. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a material that is durable, breathable, and functional. Leather is a durable material and offers a perfect grip. However, it is not breathable. You may also need to get gloves with padding. These will absorb shock and vibrations as you ride on rugged terrains.

Mountain biking gloves will give you an enhanced grip
Mountain biking gloves will give you an enhanced grip


How well the gloves fit, combined with their material, will determine how comfortable they are. When looking for gloves with the right size for your hands, you need to consider their length, overall shape, as well as the articulation of the figures.

Many users today are more comfortable with snugly fitting gloves. However, you must get a pair that is easy to put on and remove.

This is why a considerable number of riders are going for gloves made of stretchy materials. Some of the leading mountain biking gloves today run true to size, but this may vary from one brand to another.

Level of Protection

The right gloves for your mountain biking needs should offer enough protection for your hands. Be it from weather elements or from minor scratches resulting from a fall, the gloves should offer the right amount of protection.

Likely the mountain bike helmets some of the leading mountain biking gloves available today are meant to be minimalist. Such products only offer a thin covering over your knuckles, the back of your hands and the palms. These are loved for their affordability.

As the price of mountain biking gloves gets higher, so does the protection they offer. However, this does not mean that you have to buy a high-end product to get the best protection.  For enhanced protection, you should look for such features as gel pads, foam, and rubber coverings on the knuckles, palm and the back of the hands.

Depending on the weather you will be riding, you should also get a pair that will give you enough protection against weather elements. For instance, you will need gloves made of wind and waterproofing material for riding in winter.

Mountain biking gloves with padding will come in handy in the event of a mild fall. In such cases, the gloves can protect your hands from bruises.

Final Verdict

Mountain biking is a fun and thrilling outdoor sport. However, you first need to assure that you are safe whenever taking part in these adventures. As part of the protective gear for mountain bikers, you need to invest in a comfortable, snugly fitting, quality pair of bike gloves that offer the right level of protection. While there are numerous products to choose from, this guide will help you choose the right mountain biking gloves today.


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