Mississippi Residents Forced To Maintain Social Distancing as They Fish

With the coronavirus still raging across the world – and now, particularly the United States – several authorities have issued “stay at home” orders

With the coronavirus still raging across the world – and now, particularly the United States – several authorities have issued “stay at home” orders to their citizens in the hopes of containing the spread of the virus.

However, authorities have also come to understand that some activities will be essential for people to pass the time while they stay at home mandatorily. Fishing is one of them, and for the residents of Mississippi state, this luxury is too essential to pass up.

An Essential Pastime in a Difficult Period

WLOX reported earlier this week that Mississippi residents have been able to come out to enjoy some fishing amid the lockdown, with most of them maintaining the 6 feet distance from each other while they chase some game.

As the news medium explained, Mississippi residents have been extremely careful in this period, as they understand that they need to fish doesn’t trump their safety.

However, while some people engage in the activity for the purpose of getting fishes, perhaps for food or any other reason, a lot of people are just grateful for the opportunity to come outside, engage in something, and be remotely active.

Beaches are closed in the state, so fishers can’t get in boats and sail in search of more elusive game. So, most people have taken to just enjoying what they can along the banks of rivers and lakes.

The news outlet quoted an unnamed fisher who said the same strategy could have applied to the beaches, but the residents were too stubborn to follow the social distancing guidelines.

“On one hand, I felt that they should have kept the beach open so everybody could use it as long as they were social distancing. On the other hand, since it was not being followed, then the authorities had to do what they had to do,” he explained.

Mainers Enjoy Outdoors Activities Too

Mississippi isn’t the only state that is making compromises to ensure that its citizens are able to still find some semblance of normalcy in this period. As reported by Be Active Outdoors, Governor Janet Mills of Maine allowed citizens in her state to engage in several physical activities – including fishing, camping, and hunting – even as the state issued a ban on public gatherings going forward.

At the time, Judy Casumo, the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, explained to a news source that the Governor’s Office has come to understand the importance of activities like this, for both the physical and mental benefits that they bring.

In a time when people are unable to go out and go about their daily lives, activities such as these provide some level of sanity and balance.

“Getting outside to go fishing, hiking, canoeing, scouting for a hunt, or other outdoor activities are essential to not only your physical health, but your mental health as well,”

She said, adding that the administration would like for people to be as active as they can even while they follow laid-out guidelines.

States are also beginning to come to terms with the prospect of extending the “stay at home” orders even more. The United States now has the highest cases of the virus on record. Per data from World Meters, there are 337,000 cases at press time – more than the countries coming in 2nd and 3rd combined.

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