The 5 Best Heated Ski Socks – Which Pair Is Really The Warmest?

Best Heated Ski SocksThere’s nothing worse than cold feet, especially while hitting the slopes. We count on our socks to keep our feet warm, but sometimes ordinary socks just don’t get the job done.

Thankfully, the solution is heated ski socks. Don’t let the name fool you, heated ski socks will keep your toes nice and toasty whether your skiing, hiking, or just shoveling snow in your driveway.

Heated ski socks utilize batteries to warm the sock and your feet in order to compensate for your body’s cooler temperatures.

It is important to note several features designed to give you the best overall experience, such as material and the height of the sock. Most ski socks are designed not only to prevent your feet from getting cold, but also to keep your feet dry.

To ensure maximum protection you should choose a ski sock that hits above your ski boot. Most heated ski socks have a layer of padding along the shin area to protect the skin of your legs from the hardened shell of the ski boots.

In this guide we’ll explore the best heated ski socks on the market today that will ensure your feet stay comfortable, warm, and blister-free.

Our 5 Best Heated Ski Socks

Battery Life
Lenz Product’s Heat Sock 1.0
14 hours
Wool & Synthetic Blend
Upper Calf
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Flambeau Heated Socks
3-5 hours
Wool, Cotton, & Polyester Blend
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Global Vasion Rechargeable Heated Socks
6 hours
Cotton & Spandex
Upper Calf
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Auto Castle Electric Battery Heated Socks
5.5 hours
Cotton & Spandex
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Mobile Warming Thawdaddy
11 hours
Tri-Blended, Synthetic
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Learn How Heated Socks Work


1. Lenz Product’s Heat Sock 1.0 – A Tech Lover’s Dream Heated Ski Sock

When it comes to heated ski socks, Lenz Products’s Heat Sock 1.0 has the longest-lasting battery life on the market.

The high-end design is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts up to 14 hours, allowing for optimal warmth all day long.

While most socks in this category have manual settings, the Heat Sock 1.0’s temperature is controlled via Bluetooth technology.

Just connect your socks to your smartphone to adjust heat settings and extend the battery life right from your fingertips.

Further Reviewing the Lenz Product’s Heat Socks 1.0

In the Heat Sock 1.0, Lenz went with a blend of both wool and synthetic material. This enables the sock to provide a high level of heat and maintain good ventilation. The blend of merino wool, polyester, elastane, and polypropylene fights off moisture while remaining odor resistant.

Design was a huge factor Lenz considered when creating the Heat Sock. With their ergonomic design, these heated ski socks feel just completely natural, as if they were made specifically for your individual feet.

This design also allows for the heat to spread equally throughout the feet so there’s no infusion of hot spots, making it almost unrecognizable that you’re wearing special socks. These socks, however, were not made to be utilized when participating in high intensity sports.

  • Bluetooth enabled technology
  • Ergonomic design
  • Three heat Settings
  • Durable
  • A little pricey
  • Not designed to be sport socks

2. Flambeau Heated Socks – The Most Inconspicuous, Versatile Heated Ski Sock

Calling all athletes! If you’re an avid runner, cyclist, or outdoor enthusiast, Flambeau designed their Heated Socks specifically for you. The mid-weight fabric is versatile allowing for maximum comfort with lasting durability. The breathability of the fabric makes Flambeau’s Heat Socks perfect for the winter sports enthusiast.

The mid-weight fabric of Flambeau’s socks is just the right balance of light and heavy—they’re heavy enough to trap heat in, yet light enough to ventilate, as sport socks should.

The fabric itself is made from a combination of wool, cotton and polyester making these socks soft, yet durable. For increased comfort, there is additional padding built into the heel of the sock.

Unlike some competitors, Flambeau embeds the heating element used in the socks into the actual fabric of the sock. The unique carbon fibers that make up the heating element are woven into the sock, allowing for a more streamlined sock. This keeps the sock thick enough to be used for athletic activity, and aids in the lifeline of the heating element by preventing damage to the element itself.

Further Reviewing the Flambeau Heated Socks

Flambeau equips these heated socks with a 3.7 volt fully rechargeable heating element. This element is powered via two lithium ion batteries that can be charge through both a mini-USB cable and AC charger.

The slim battery packs aide in the overall comfort of the socks. The battery length itself is on the shorter side, with only a 3-5 hour guaranteed run time for these socks. Despite this shorter run time, there is no doubt these heated ski socks get the job done when it comes to keeping your toes nice and warm.

Most of the heat in Flambeau’s Heated Socks is concentrated in the toes, which could be a deterrent to those who prefer a more overall warming effect in heated performance socks.

For those who are concerned about look, these socks are a home-run. Because of the interwoven nature of the heating element and the slim battery pack the heating element of the socks is virtually invisible. When wearing these socks, it’s almost impossible to detect that they are heated socks and not typical everyday socks.

  • Streamlined battery pack
  • Additional heel padding
  • USB charger included
  • Embedded heating element
  • Shorter battery life
  • Smaller heating system due to slimlined space

3. Global Vasion Rechargeable Heated Socks – An Affordable, Comfort Focused Ski Sock

There’s no doubt that when it comes to heated ski socks, Global Vasion is a well-known leader in the industry. Their rechargeable heat socks feature material made with comfort in mind.

This soft material paired with reliable batteries and multiple temperature settings make Global Vasion a serious contender for the top rated heated ski sock.

These rechargeable heated ski socks are made from the perfect blend of cotton and Spandex, making them both soft and elastic. The super soft material is extremely absorbent and quick drying preventing you from getting sweaty, smelly feet.

There’s no doubt Gloabal Vasion designed these heated ski socks with comfort in mind. Both the toe and the heel of the sock are reinforced with additional padding enhancing both the comfort and durability of the sock. The cushion on the sock is unlike any other making them plush enough for multiple hours of comfortable wear.

Further Reviewing the Global Vasion Rechargeable Heated Socks

Thanks to the addition of padding on both the toe and heel, you won’t have to worry about these socks wearing out or getting holes in the toe.

Another notable feature is the length of these socks. The shaft of the sock extends well into the mid-calf range keeping not just your toes, but the majority of your leg nice and warm. The socks also feature a thick elastic band around the calf eliminating the need to worry about the sock slipping down during wear.

The heating element of these ski socks is built into the upper forefoot of the sock. Which means most if not all of the heat is concentrated on your toes and forefoot. The bottom and ankle portion of the sock do not get heated which could be seen as troublesome for those whose feet tend to get extra chilly.

But, with a built in 3.7 bolt heating system that delivers up to 6 hours of continuous use, cold toes won’t be an issue. The heating system runs on two lithium ion batteries that can be fully recharged and has three settings that allows you to vary and customize the level of heat to your preference.

  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Designed with comfort in mind
  • Extremely durable and reliable
  • No warming for bottom of foot or ankles

4. AutoCastle Electric Battery Heated Socks – A great blend of comfort and warmth

These socks are designed for the active outdoorsman due with the incorporation of a streamlined, lightweight design. Made from a blend of cotton and Spandex, these heated ski socks offer the perfect mix of comfort and warmth.

The Spandex in the material of the socks provides nice elasticity while still keeping the socks light and breathable preventing sweaty or wet feet. The mid-calf height of these socks is the perfect prevention of rubbing or chafing.

AutoCastle built the heating element into the forefoot and toe of the sock so that once turned on, your toes are almost immediately warmed up. The heating element is small enough where it almost undetectable when walking or skiing. The three temperature settings create ease in adjusting the level of heat you’d like.

Once again, these heated ski socks are powered by 3.7 bolt rechargeable batteries. The batteries are equipped to run a maximum of 5.5 hours before recharging. Unfortunately, the battery pack on these ski socks lives in a pocket located at the calf of the socks. This can make the socks somewhat bulky and could cause a snug fit in a tall ski boot.

  • Low cost
  • Three heat seatings
  • Durable, thin material
  • Bulky battery pack

5. Mobile Warming Thawdaddy Heated Electric Sock – A Long-Lasting Remote Controlled Sock

Equipped with a tri-blend of material and three remote control heat settings, Mobile Warming’s Thawdaddy Heated Electric Sock is a serious contender for top honor as best heated electric ski sock.

The tri-blend antibacterial fabric of the sock, like others, provides breathability while trapping in warmth. The elasticity of the sock ensures the sock stays in place and doesn’t fall down in your ski boot.

The sock hits right above the calf creating the perfect protection barrier between your leg and boot.

A distinguishing factor of this heated ski sock is the remote control. It enables the wearer to toggle between three different heat settings. The heating element of the sock is operated by a 3.7 volt battery. The battery compartment is integrated into the design of the sock making it almost indistinguishable.

With up to eleven hours of power per charge, these heated ski socks are guaranteed to keep your toes toasty all day on the slopes. As if remote controlled heat settings weren’t enough, these socks also feature an integrated touch control button to change between warmth levels of the socks.

  • Machine washable
  • Three heat settings
  • Remote control to change heat settings
  • Only two size options

Things to Consider When Shopping For the Best Heated Ski Socks


When comparing ski socks, it is important to pay attention to the material the sock is made from. The material of the heated ski socks should be lightweight, yet durable. Typically, the best performing heated ski socks are made from some sort of blend of cotton or wool, and Spandex.

Battery Life

Battery life is a huge factor to consider before purchasing a pair of heated ski socks. The preference of battery life really depends on your level of activity. Most of the ski socks we reviewed are able to withstand about six hours on the slopes before needing a recharge.


Length is important to take into consideration before purchasing a pair of heated ski socks. In order to ensure maximum comfort, your ski sock should hit above your ski boot. If a sock is too short, the ski boot will rub and chafe where it meets the skin.

Heated Socks FAQs

Q: How long do Rechargeable Heated Socks last?

A: Most heated socks have a few heat settings ranging from low to high – low getting anywhere from 8 to 20 hours of battery life and high getting around 2 to 8 hours of battery life.

Q: How do you clean Heated Socks?

A: Heated socks should always be hand-washed using warm water. Gently squeeze the heated socks while washing and rinsing. Do not squeeze and twist the socks forcefully as it could damage the wiring inside. When they are all clean you can hang them up to air dry.

Keep Your Feet Warm While Skiing This Season, Wear Your Heated Socks!

After looking at all the factors including cost, battery life, length, and material makeup we found Global Vasion to be our top choice for a heated ski sock. This sock is not only innovative, but the perfect mix of all of our considerable factors.

With a steadily consistent battery life, put these socks on at the beginning of your outdoor journey, and you are good to go for the next six hours.

These socks are among the most affordable pairs, giving users the most bang for their buck in terms of features.

The comfort focused design is essential for any active person, especially when spending hours on the slopes. The added padding incorporated into the design of the sock allows for a more than enjoyable experience.

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