The 5 Best Quickdraws for 2020 – [For Outdoors & Sports Climbing]

For a rock and ice climbing enthusiast, a quickdraw is definitely a useful tool. A quickdraw, which is also known as an extender, is a special type of runner. Such a runner allows the climbing rope to move freely through bolt anchors or other types of protection. Though they may come in different sizes, lengths, and weights, they have the … Read more

The 5 Best Softshell Jackets for 2020 – [for Mobility and Comfort]

Being active in cold weather all comes down to the right apparel. Softshell jackets are the most breathable outer layer options on the market that still offer protection against the elements. They allow you to move freely while also protecting you from overheating. The outer layer of a softshell jacket is smooth and durable, while the inside provides various levels … Read more