Local Canadian Hunters Killed on a Camping Trail

Sansom 39 years old and his 56-year-old uncle were reportedly hunting for food for their family.

The death of two hunters in the Alberta region of Canada has caused massive panic across the nation. Jake Sansom and his uncle, Morris Cardinal’s bodies were found beside Samson’s pickup truck, The Guardian reports. Both bodies had gunshot wounds, thus leading local police to believe that they had been ambushed by possible robbers.

Double Murder Case

Sansom is 39 years old, and as the report confirmed, he was until his death, a heavy machinery mechanic. However, the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic forced his company to lay him off. He and his 56-year-old uncle were reportedly hunting for food for their family.

 Selfie taken by Jake Sansom, left, and Maurice Cardinal on the day of their murder.
Selfie taken by Jake Sansom, left, and Maurice Cardinal on the day of their murder.

The two had gotten some luck on the day, in fact. They had successfully captured a moose, thus ensuring their supply of meat. They were Métis – a group of people whose ethnicities trace back top European settlers and indigenous countries. So, they had a right to hunt on the land. Sadly, they didn’t make it back.

“All the kids in the community loved him, and everyone knew who he was, knew he had a heart of gold and would give the shirt off his back for anyone,” Jake’s wife, Sarah Sansom said of her husband in a statement.

Cardinal was also an avid hunter and an outdoorsman, and he had three stepchildren and five grandchildren before he was killed. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police conducted an autopsy on their bodies, but they’ve refused to make their findings public, citing a need to “protect the integrity of their investigation.”

While they believe that the two men were ambushed close to Jake’s car, they’ve also refrained from making any definite judgments, as their investigation is still in the preliminary stages. The police also asked for assistance from anyone who has camera footage that can help their investigation. Specifically, they requested dashcam footage between 8 PM on Friday and 4 AM on Saturday.

A String of Murders

The death of Jake and Morris, however, seems to be linked to a wider case that surrounds Métis in general. On Tuesday, the Prince Albert Police Service announced on Twitter that they had arrested a suspect in connection with a triple homicide that left three members of a Métis family dead in Prince Albert, Sask. They didn’t name the suspect or give much details, but they claimed that he was known to the family.

Found dead in their home were Denis Carrier, Sandra Henry, and Bentlee. The deceased were 56, 56, and 7 years old, respectively. However, a 5-year-old family member, Kendrah, remains in stable condition at a nearby hospital. The police confirmed that they were keeping the children’s surnames after they got a request from their surviving family members.

Autopsies would be conducted later in the week to find their cause of death. The children’s mother spoke with a local news source and confirmed that they were of Métis heritage, but declined to be interviewed any further.

The police also confirmed that they weren’t looking for any other suspects. They’ve also helped to create an account on GoFundMe to provide for the funeral costs.

Police in Winnipeg have also arrested two suspects in connection with the death of an Inuk man from Nunavut. The man – 33-year-old John Oohoonni Kirkwa – was found in a garbage bin in North Winnipeg by a homeowner on March 25.

The suspects, named Roberta Ann Jessamine and Selena Dawn Cross, have been charged with murder in the second degree. They will remain in custody.

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