The 5 Best Binoculars for Concerts – [Ideal for Indoor & Outdoor Events]

best binoculars for concertsYour favorite artist is in town, but the only tickets left have you sitting too far back to see the action. Having a great set of binoculars can be a good way to immerse yourself in the experience of a live show.

You want to look for clarity, a wide field of view, and a compact design. Image quality is the most important factor to consider when it comes to utilizing your optics in a concert setting, as well as the field of view. You don’t want to have to move your binoculars in order to see the entire stage.

You’ll also want to make sure your binoculars aren’t too heavy. You’ll be holding them for quite a long time, so make sure they don’t weigh you down.

In this guide, we’ll review top-rated binoculars specific for indoor and outdoor concerts. We’ll rank them in order of best to cheapest models.

Our 5 Best Binoculars For Concerts

1. Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Compact Binoculars – Best for Indoor Concerts

The Bushnell Legen is lightweight and equipped with an HD clarity feature. The manufacturing materials are high-quality and extremely durable. They are also built with a great grip feature, so they are super easy to hold.

The magnesium chassis and RainGuard HD provide a water-repellent lens coating that allows you to use these binoculars in both rain and foggy conditions. You can actually fully submerge this model and it will remain dry internally.

Due to the powerful magnifications and the BaK-4 prisms, this binocular is a great option for concert viewing. Plus, the ultra wide-band anti-reflective lens coating optimizes the light and ensures a proper spectating even of poor light conditions.

The contrast and colors are truly amazing due to the ED prime, extra-low dispersion fluorite glass function. You will be able to see even the most distinct details. The objective is 25mm and the magnification power is 10x.

The eye relief is a bit shorter than what is usually ideal for eyeglass wearers, so this may not be the best choice if wear eyeglasses. The size of these binoculars can make them a bit shaky to hold.

The size is a bit smaller than other models, which makes these binoculars so lightweight and compact. It has a close focus distance of 6.0′. For further increase in image quality, the lenses go through an anti-reflection process that optimizes the color perception across the light spectrum.

These binoculars can handle extreme conditions and humidity, which is great for those outdoor concerts in the summertime. The bridge is articulated for easy folding, making them even more compact.

  • HD clarity
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Not ideal for eyeglass wearers
  • Can be hard to steady

2. Celestron 71341-CGL Outland X Binoculars – Best Binoculars for Night Concerts

These binoculars are great for rain or fog due to the rubber and nitrogen purged properties. They are compact, not much larger than an average smartphone, so portability is super easy. They are also really easy to store.

It has a magnification power of 10X. It also has Bak4 premium prism glass and multi-coated lenses that ensure plenty of visibility and great optical performance. The twist-up eyecups can be adjusted to provide comfort while wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses.

You’ll see a great detail from a distance due to the 25mm roof prism lenses. The optical system is protected and preserved for longevity. The images are crisp and clear.

The protective case is covered in rubber armoring that prevents the shock impact from damaging the optical system, and to offer a tighter grip to the user. The focus knobs provided allow you to customize the image with ease. The field of view is of 110 m at 1000m, and the angular field of view is of 6.3 degrees.

These binoculars offer high resolution and contrast, allow you to see details even in poor light conditions. This a great feature for concert-going binoculars, as most people will be view at night or in dimly lit arenas.

The straps are pre-attached with a semi-attached objective lens cover. A moisture-resistant neoprene carrying case, adding even more waterproof features which makes it as one of the best whale watching binoculars as well. The external features are comprised of a rubber armor to also ensure a firm grip.

The eyepieces are extremely adjustable, but have a slight tendency to go out of focus. Readjusting is super easy and quick. Overall, the binoculars are very easily adaptable.

  • Great detail
  • Compact
  • Waterproof
  • Minor chromatic abrasions
  • Eyepiece can easily go out of focus

3. Vanguard Orros Compact Binoculars – Large Field Of View

This binocular from Vanguard comes with a magnification of 10x and features 42-millimeter objective lenses that ensure bright images, even in low light conditions. The small minimum distance allows you to see all the extremely fine details.

Only weighing 20 ounces, these binoculars are very lightweight and comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. The focus knob is located in the center, and allows for the simultaneous focus of both lenses. The adjustments offer crystal clear images.

The twist-up eyecups and the eye relief make it easier for eyeglass wearers to use the binocular. By using BaK-4 prisms and fully multi-coated lenses, this model of binoculars offers a crisp, clear view.

They are also protected by waterproof and fog proof layers that completely seal the optical system from damaging external factors. Protected by a non-slip rubber armor, the exterior layer of the case offers you a safe grip, even in unfavorable weather conditions.

Its field of view is 330 feet at 1000 yards, while the view angle is 6.3 degrees. The near focus is at 8.2 feet, with an eye relief distance of about 10 millimeters. The prism system offers exceptional images in low light environments, perfect for concert viewing.

The resolution is enhanced, as well as the colors, which appear brighter and sharper across the whole light spectrum. These binoculars are easier to focus at medium ranges, and can be a be more challenging to capture clear images at very long distances. However, can be achieved with a bit of patience.

  • Clear, bright images
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Non-slip armor
  • Lightweight
  • Hard to stabilize handheld

4. Gosky 10×42 Binoculars BAK4 Prism Binocular – Best for Concerts and Sports

The Gosky adds a bit of technology to the mix and incorporates a smartphone adapter. This product is compatible with almost all brands on the market, and allows you to capture and record concerts. It can also be used as a stand alone binocular.

It has 10x power magnification and a 1000-yard wide field of view. You can see the entire concert stage without having to move your sight. The objective lens features a multi-layer green film coating that adds to the 18 mm blue film eyepiece, enabling your view brighter and clearer.

You can use the binocular in any weather condition because of the durable framework and the rubber armor. The material is completely shock-absorbing, so it won’t break even if you drop it accidentally.

This roof prism model is compact and offers an excellent image. In the outer shell, you will find a unique mount which allows you to attach it to a tripod. The exit pupil diameter is 5 millimeters in size, and the exit pupil distance measures 12 millimeters.

It increases contrast, facilitating use in low-light conditions while maintaining quite detailed images. The smartphone adaptor is easy to use and does not require any adjustments to the eyepieces.

It has adjustable twist-up and down eyecups for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses. They are not quite as durable as other binoculars on the market, and will show signs of wear and tear after extended use. At super long distances, you will need patience to achieve image clarity.

  • Wide field of view
  • Smartphone adaptor
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Not as durable as others
  • Difficulty focusing at long distances

5. Bushnell Powerview Compact Binocular – Cheapest Binoculars

The Powerview is a great compact and lightweight binocular system. It offers HD image quality for your viewing pleasure. Made of durable material, this instrument is built to last.

Each element has been thoroughly tested in order to deliver outstanding quality and performance. It features fully coated lenses, so the objects appear crystal clear and the images are bright. The rubber eyecups are easily folded down for eyeglasses.

The optical system is sheltered and protected from accidental impact, making this product quite durable. The lenses are protected from exterior factors such as unfavorable weather or debris infiltrations while allowing you to observe with detail.

The eye relief and the distance between eye positions aren’t set in as comfortable of a position as other models. Some adjustments are required until you get your eyes lined up.

It is equipped with a BK-7 glass prism and a general roof prism design.

The close-focus point is at 21 feet, and the field of view provided is of 300 feet at a range of 1000 yards. The eye relief distance is of 9 millimeters, with the exit pupil being at 2.5 millimeters.

One of the more affordable models in this field, this binocular is perfect for concert viewing.

For a natural focus, a central knob is provided; it is accessible with only one hand and can be used while looking through the device.

The design is simple and will not match the performance of expensive, professional binoculars. The eye relief is decent but using the item for very long periods of time can prove to be quite tiring for your eyes.

  • HD clarity
  • Lightweight
  • Price
  • Doesn’t perform as well as expensive models
  • Difficulty focusing at long distances

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing a Great Pair of Binoculars

Here are some of the key factors to consider when looking at binoculars for concerts:

Field Of View

When choosing binoculars that are suitable for spectating, you definitely want to factor in the field of view. A wide field allows you to view the image better with much more clarity.

If you like to attend concerts often, you will want to invest in a pair that allows you to see the entire stage clearly if you’re stuck in the back.

The width of the field of view is typically expressed in feet, meters or degrees and you can find it in the product description. As a general rule, good binoculars for concerts should have a field of view of 315 ft or above. Just keep in mind that the field is affected by the magnification of the binocular, so pay attention to this as well.


Higher magnification does not always mean better. A higher magnification actually translates to instruments that have a small field of view, which you don’t want for concerts. You would have to move the binoculars constantly to see the entire stage.

Be careful to balance the magnification and the field of view if you want to see the action on the whole stage. A magnification that ranges from 4 to 10x is more than enough if you’re planning to go to a concert.

If the show is held indoors, then a binocular with a lower magnification between 4 and 8x will do the trick. Lower magnification is also easier to stabilize in your hands, which reduces blurriness.


Binoculars come in many sizes from compact, to mid-sized, to full-size. Keep in mind, you’ll be holding them for most of the concert. Generally, a lightweight and compact design is the best for a concert environment.

Full-sized binoculars have objective lenses of around 42 mm, sometimes even more. While mid-sized and compact tend to go from 21 to 36 mm. Because they don’t weigh much and provide more comfort, compact binoculars are a safe choice for most people.

Compact binoculars can also be stored in your pocket or handbag, which is a nice option to have while attending a concert.

Waterproof features

Many concerts are held outside, so it’s quite possible that weather conditions might prove to be a challenge at times. You’ll want to consider binoculars that are built with waterproof elements to offer protection in sudden rainfall.

Look for tools that are nitrogen purged, this feature prevents the elements of the binoculars from fogging in humid conditions. This is also smart as many concerts occur during the summer months, when it can get hot, humid, and rainy.

Get Ready to Own a Great Pair of Outdoor Binoculars

Overall, the object is to enjoy your concert experience to the best of your ability. Choosing the right pair of binoculars can either drastically aid in your experience, or drastically distract.

Focus on models that have the widest field of view, while still being lightweight and compact enough for comfort. Also, consider rubber grips and shock-absorbing materials. Many people move and dance at a concert, so it is quite possible that your optics could be knocked out of your hand.

Clarity of the images and detail is key here. You don’t want to be sitting in the nose bleed section with a blurry set of optics. The idea is to feel closer to the stage, to be a part of the experience. So don’t sacrifice image clarity above all else.

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