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The Best Ski Boot Heaters Reviews: Complete Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for ski boot heaters then read on as we cover all the best options on the market currently - Full Reviews with Pros & Cons

Whether you’re a weekend enthusiast, or a professional athlete, skiing is one of the best ways to enjoy winter and the great outdoors.

Any person who has spent a long period of time outdoors knows that the fastest way to ruin your fun is cold, frozen toes.

Many people often choose less expensive options, such as additional clothing layers, or one-time use hand and foot warmers.

A much better investment however, would be a battery operated ski boot heater. Professional athletes and every day users alike have found an excellent solution in the use of a ski boot heater.

Taking into consideration the temperatures, battery life, and number of heat settings, we have taken a look at some of the industry’s most popular ski boot heaters, and chosen our top 5.

 1. Hotronic Foot Warmer S4 Universal – Best Overall

The hotronic footwarmer S4 ski boot heater is a kit that includes everything a skier might need to keep their toes warm and comfortable.

This foot warmer’s battery does not last as long as others, but it is the most versatile. The hotronic foot warmer S4 ski boot heater is available in two different types: universal and custom.

Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Custom
  • The new S series batteries offer more than ever before, including enhanced reliability, longevity, and performance

The universal type includes 2 battery packs, 1 charger, 2 heating elements, 1 pair of self-adhesive covers and strips, 1 pair of one size fits all insoles, and the operating instructions with a warranty card.

The custom variety includes 2 battery packs, 1 charger, 2 heating elements, 1 pair of self-adhesive covers and strips, and the operating instructions with a limited warranty card.

More Features on the Hotronic Foot Warmer Ski Boot Heater

These boot warmers don’t just work in ski boots, they have also been installed in other footwear such as hiking boots. The heater can be easily transferred between different types of winter footwear.

These footwarmers come with three standard heat level settings, and with a bonus timed heat setting. This guarantees users can always choose the right amount of heat for their needs. However, different heat settings have a direct impact on the battery life.

If these ski boot heaters are used continuously at the highest setting, users can recharge the battery during a break for added time. The bonus heat setting allows for an increase in heat for 3 minutes at a time. This prevents the battery from overheating or completely draining.

An LED light indicator displays the battery strength, meaning users do not have to worry about how much battery is left. Finally, the battery is rechargeable, and will last for multiple seasons without being replaced.

  • Multiple heat settings
  • Useful in footwear other than skis
  • Cut to fit insoles fit every foot type
  • Bonus short burst of extra heat
  • Higher heat settings drain the battery faster

2. Therm-ic rc 1600 Smart Pack – Ideal for Beginners & Professionals

The Therm-ic rc 1600 Smart Pack ski boot heaters are geared towards a wider array of skiers, and work with any Thermic Soles. Each smart pack comes with a remote control, a universal charger, and a lightweight lithium ion battery.

The battery life for this ski boot heater lasts the longest, but it is the most expensive. It is also not the greatest solution for people seeking a little bit of added warmth.

As an added benefit, the smart pack works with other Therm-ic ski boot heaters and features an anatomic 3D structure. The 3D structure is made of EVA foam for added support and cushioning in order to give users all day comfort.

The Therm-ic rc 1600 ski boot heaters are designed to satisfy even the professionals, and is great in any area, no matter how cold it gets. The battery life lasts up to 29 hours, but like other ski boot heater batteries, the more heat you use, the shorter the battery life will be.

Additional features of the Therm-ic rc 1600 Smart Pack

The remote control makes things easier, and users no longer have to bend down to adjust their heat settings. As an added perk, the battery charges quickly which allows users to recharge in between breaks. The charger included is a universal charger, allowing it to be used anywhere in the world with any outlet type.

To better improve circulation in your feet, this heater uses impulse control. By facilitating natural blood flow, and thus, natural heat, the heater works in conjunction with the user’s own body for an outstanding heat performance.

In order to use the Therm-ic rc 1600 ski boot heaters, the user must already have Thermic insoles installed in their ski boots. If they do not, many prominent sports retailers offer them in conjunction with other ski gear for an additional cost.

  • Universal charger
  • Remote control operation for easier use
  • Anatomic 3D structure for user comfort
  • Facilitates circulation for natural heat
  • Higher heat settings = shorter battery life
  • More expensive than other versions
  • Not very suitable for minor additional heat
  • Ski boots must already have Thermic Soles

3. Hotronic Universal – Long Battery Life

The Hotronic Footwarmer are very similar to the S4 mentioned above, with the only difference lying in the slightly shorter battery performance. On the lowest setting, the battery provides anywhere between 17 and 18 hours of heat, and on the highest, about 2 to 4.

Similar to the Hotronic Footwarmer S4 foot warmers, this ski boot heater is available in two types: custom and universal. The custom foot warmers include 2 battery packs, 1 charger, 2 heating elements, 1 pair of self-adhesive covers and strips, and the operating instructions and a limited warranty card.

Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Universal
  • 2 S4 Power Plus Battery Packs, with four cells and one 1 Recharger (back compatible with e and m series Battery Packs)
  • 2 Heating Elements,1 pair of Cambrelle Covers and Strips, and 1 pair of Hotronic’s One Size Fits All – Heat Ready Insoles.
  • Keep feet warm inside ski boots or easily transfer to other footwear
  • Three base level settings for maintaining warmth, and a fourth setting offers an extra blast of heat
  • The new S series batteries offer more than ever before, including enhanced reliability, longevity, and performance

The universal variety offers all of the above components, plus a pair of cut to size, one size fits all insoles. These ski boot heaters are a versatile choice, and these hotronic S3 footwarmers are also used by people who enjoy other outdoor sports including hunting, hiking and fishing. Easily transferable between different winter footwear types, the user’s feet will always remain warm, no matter what winter activity is being enjoyed.

This ski boot heater offers 4 heat settings to choose from, so that users can choose the right amount of heat needed for their activities. The battery also features an LED light to indicate how much battery life is left. The charger is a universal charger, making it an ideal choice for users anywhere in the world. This heater is extremely easy to use and switch temperatures without any hassle.

  • Universal charger
  • Versatility- you can use them in other outdoor shoes
  • LED battery life indicator
  • Higher heat setting = less battery life
  • Shorter battery performance

4. Therm-ic SmartPack rc 1200 With Remote – Various Heat Settings

The Therm-ic SmartPack rc 1200 with remote is another excellent choice, and easy to use with a remote control.

With 3 settings, all it takes is the press of a button to receive the right amount of heat for your needs. However, like other batteries, the higher the heat setting, the shorter the battery life will be.

In order for this heater to work, your ski boots must already have ThermicSoles installed in them. This shouldn’t be an issue as many name brand ski boot retailers offer the insoles with their boots. If you don’t have these insoles, you do need to buy them separately.

This heater, like other ski boot heaters, features a remote control operation, and uses a universal charger. The remote makes it easy to change between the different heat settings.

The lithium-ion battery features 3 heat settings, and uses impulse control to facilitate natural circulation in the user for added warmth. If you often ski on difficult terrain, then this is a great choice for you.

  • Universal charger
  • Remote control battery
  • Impulse control for natural circulation
  • Higher heat = less battery life
  • Users need specific Thermic Soles in boots
  • Not ideal for fair weather skiers

5. Therm-ic SmartPack IC 950 – Great for Any Outdoors Experience

Like the other Therm-ic ski boot heaters, this one features a battery that has 3 settings, with the highest draining the battery faster.

However, the 950 is a great choice for fair weather fans and serious athletes alike. Similar to the other Therm-ic ski boot heaters, the IC 950 also has impulse control to facilitate natural blood circulation in order to promote natural warmth in the user.

It doesn’t matter what shape your feet are, the cut so size insoles will comfortably fit every user.  The lightweight battery is also great, because it doesn’t distract the user from their skis as they go about their day on the slopes.

If you’re more of a snowboarder than a skier, the 950 also works, and on the lowest setting, it offers up to 18 hours of heat. Like the other types though, the higher the heat setting, the shorter the battery life.

  • Fits any size
  • Versatile use –skis and snowboard
  • 3 setting battery
  • Universal charger
  • Doesn’t perform quite as well as other types
  • Shortest battery life

Other Best Selling Ski Boot Heaters

Bestseller No. 1
SaleBestseller No. 2
Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Custom
  • The new S series batteries offer more than ever before, including enhanced reliability, longevity, and performance
Bestseller No. 3
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Choosing the Right Ski Boot Heaters

There are a number of factors to consider when looking for ski boot heaters, or for your ice fishing boots. See below for the following factors:

Consider Your Needs

The first, and maybe most important thing you need to know is your personal needs and location: where are you going to be skiing, and what kind of skiing are you doing (downhill or cross country).

The next thing to consider is what type of skier you are: are you someone who enjoys going out on fair weather days? Or are you a dedicated athlete who is prepared to ski in all types of weather conditions?

Once you know that, determine what your battery life needs are. A user who is out all day is going to have different battery life needs than someone who is only going to be out for a few hours.

While looking at the battery, a factor to consider is how many heat settings each comes with. For a fair weather skier, a battery with ultra-high heat settings is most likely not needed.

The next item to consider is the installation methods and how easy your options are to use.  Finally, the last item to make note of when choosing a ski boot heater is your budget and the cost.

A Ski boot heater is a great investment
A Ski boot heater is a great investment

Consider the Worth

High performing ski boot heaters are expensive. Is it worth spending the money on ski boot heaters over other methods, such as the one time use heat packs or layering up on clothing? That’s really up to the user, but a few things to consider in making that decision include a few questions to ask yourself:

Is it worth it to keep your feet from becoming cold when out on the slopes? Does a ski boot heater give you more time to enjoy outside?

Are you someone who spends time doing other outdoor activities, and therefore, need a versatile option to keep your feet warm?

And finally, will you enjoy your time out on the slopes more than you already do, if your feet stay warm the entire time?

Ski Boot Heaters FAQ

How long do the batteries last in a ski boot heater?

The battery life of a ski boot heater is dependent on the setting. Most batteries can deliver up to 10-13 hours at the low heat setting. At the highest heat setting most ski boot warmers will last about two hours. It is good to keep in mind, that the lower the heat setting is the longer the duration will be.

Stay Warm This Winter Season With Ski Boot Heaters

When choosing the right ski boot heater for your needs, it is important to take into consideration all the factors that will impact your choice. Those factors include battery life, heat setting options, and temperatures.

Other factors include your life style- a professional athlete is going to want something different than a normal, every day user.

While there are other less expensive options out there, a ski boot heater is one of the most versatile solutions to keeping your feet warm, no matter how long you are outside.

What’s more, some choices can even be used in other winter footwear types, guaranteeing that users remain warm no matter what they are doing.

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