The 5 Best Kids Skis in 2019 – Top Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best kids skisAre you tired of waiting to hit the slopes? Well, your skiing addiction could be well fed the soonest you get your child on the mountains.

Whether you are going to hire a ski instructor or teach your child yourself, use of the right equipment cannot be overstated.

You and your spouse are rocking top-quality skis, why shouldn’t your children be? Equip your child with the best of this year’s kid’s skis, and your whole family will enjoy a wonderful weekend on the slopes.

When shopping for the best skis for your children there are many factors to consider.  Such important factors are the size of the ski, the skiing expertise of your child, and their weight.

Putting all this into consideration, we filtered through the best kids skis this year and selected our top picks for beginner, intermediate, and expert junior skiers.

Our 5 Best Kids Skis

Rocker Type
Armada ARV 84 Kid's Skis
Cap Construction
Positive Camber
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Volkl Mantra Jr. Kids' Skis
Full Sidewall
Full Sensor Wood Core
Full Rocker
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Rossignol Terrain Skis with bindings
Cap Construction
Auto Turn
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K2 Pinnacle Junior Skis w/ FDT Bindings
Hybrid of Cap Construction and Full Sidewall
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K2 Remedy Jr. Skis w/ Fastrak Bindings
Cap Construction
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1.  Armada ARV 84 Kid’s Skis – The Durable Choice

The Armada ARV 84 skis designs are suited to accommodate the adolescent who likes to take risks and has no issue with tournament size skis and half-pipes. The skis frame is very good making them extremely durable and can hold up no matter how hard your child rides them.

The Armada ARV 84 Junior Skis profile fits novice up to intermediates skill level skiers. Your child will definitely get a lot out of these skis because they can adapt to an array of skillsets.

Unlike many junior skis, the Armada ARV 84 maintains the same construction methods that their adult skis do. Thus, having the same durability across the board.

You will also like the fact that the skis feature an Armanda’s Laminate Matrix, 1.7 Impact Edge and cap construction to make skiing easier for minors. At the core of the ski, the pop-lite composite makes the ski lightweight and sturdy therefore perfect for juniors looking to get started on the terrain park.

The S7 base built into the ARV 84 Junior is a clever addition that allows your kid to maintain control while still moving at high speeds on the trails. The Armada ARV 84 Junior Skis are undoubtedly one of the best kid’s skis. It will provide extra safety for your child while enjoying hours of fun on the slopes.

  • Stable ski
  • Good for beginners
  • Good control
  • Not an all-terrain ski
  • Not good for expert skiers

2.  Volkl Mantra Jr. Kids’ Skis – The Powerful and Versatile Choice

The shape, construction, and overall profile of the Volkl Mantra Jr Kids Ski is designed for the advanced to expert junior skiers. The company has done a tremendous job with this one, trickling down the construction and quality of its award-winning adult ski down to the kid’s line.

The Mantra Jr. Ski proves to be adorable no matter how hard your child rides it. Volkl made sure to use strong core construction that makes their ski super stable even at very high speeds.

The Volkl Mantra Jr. Kids’ Skis features some valuable additions including a full rocker. The all-mountain rocker profile allows kids to navigate their turns more easily without hooking tips or tails.

A Sidecut measurement of 118-86-111 coupled with the 12.3-meter turn radius of the Volkl Mantra Jr. Ski makes it the perfect ski for shredding the whole mountain.

The Mantra Jr. Ski rocks a full wooden core we all know and love that brings the snappiness and excellent energy transfer for easy carves and cuts. These skis are a true chameleon for a variety of terrains and snow conditions and is a must-have for any serious junior skier.

  • Good Power construction
  • Excellent energy transfer
  • Versatile
  • Stiff
  • Not for beginners

3. Rossignol Terrain Skis with bindings (for Boys) – The Budget Option

If you are on the lookout for a more affordable high-quality ski, then the Rossignol Terrain Skis with bindings is what you need. Besides the unparalleled quality, these skis offer a stylish look.

These skis also have a myriad of features that allow your child to increase their skill level. The Rossignol Boys Terrain Skis were developed with the learner in mind, and are perfect for a terrain based learning setup.

Rossignol makes skiing fun by manufacturing a ski that is easy to handle and control. The fact that, the skis won’t go at very high speeds, allows your child to feel safe and at the same time step out of their comfort zone.

The Rossignol is featured with a cap construction, an auto turn rocker, and a lightweight design. All of the features are geared to making the ski user-friendly.

The Rossignol Terrain skis with bindings are sure to bring love and fun to the sport It will fill junior skiers with endless smiles while out on the slopes.

  • Great for beginners
  • Good Control
  • Affordable
  • Won’t pick up speed
  • Not ideal for the junior expert skier

4. K2 Pinnacle Junior Skis w/ FDT Bindings  – For Superior Play & Performance

Similar to the adult version, the K2 Pinnacle Junior Skis w/ FDT Bindings is made to be just as playful.  Therefore your child won’t be held back by heavy gear that cannot adapt to their skiing skills.

The K2 Pinnacle Junior skis provide superior performance often reserved for next-generation skiers. The ski includes some high-end features normally seen in advanced men’s skis. This includes a full rocker with an early taper, to boost maneuverability and playfulness.

The K2 Pinnacle is constructed with an aspen wood core that provides enough edge grip for kids who enjoy laying down high-speed curving turns.

In addition, the ski has a wide waist width (84mm) that is comparatively wide for kids.  However, it provides excellent float for intermediate to expert junior skiers who are starting to explore off-piste terrains and powder conditions.

With multiple design elements and features borrowed from the adult skis, the Pinnacle’s attributes will be favorites amongst many adventurous junior skiers.

  • User-friendly
  • Good grip
  • Light and playful
  • Not for beginners
  • Damp tip

5. K2 Remedy Jr. Skis w/ Fastrak Bindings (For Girls) – Both Durable and Attractive

The K2 Remedy Jr. Skis will keep parents at ease when you set up your child to ski on the mountain. These are super durable and provide a very fun experience for junior girl skiers.

The K2 Remedy Jr. skis bring a lot to the mountain including an aspen wood core coupled with a cap construction. This serves to create a lively performance while still maintaining its super light build.

The K2 Remedy features a twin-tip ski setup and an all-terrain rocker design. This blend enhances turn initiation, float, and will surely get your girl aspiring to be the champion at the next X-Games.

The 75mm underfoot, a turn radius of 10m at the twin tip allows the K2 Remedy Jr. Ski to be usable on the entire mountain and on the spin laps as well.

Junior girls sporting the K2 Remedy will stand out in the mountains because K2 has not only built the ski with a bombproof construction but has also made sure to use the same cosmetic design as its parent ski making it incredibly attractive. The K2 Remedy Jr. Skis are suitable for intermediate to advanced junior skiers.

  • Stylish
  • Good support
  • Medium flex for intermediate junior skiers
  • Narrow ski
  • Not for beginners

Things You Must Know Before Buying Kids Skis

Although it seems daunting with all the options out there, purchasing a ski for your child shouldn’t be that difficult. With the right knowledge, finding the perfect ski should be pretty simple. Here are a few tips on how to land the right one.


Unlike adult skis, kids’ skis are different. They feature different ski levels, flexes, and waist width. It is important to note that mostly all kids’ skis are identical with the exception of some high-performance tournament and powder skis.

The most important factor when choosing a ski for your child is their height. Junior skis that fall between the kid’s eyebrows to their chin are acceptable, because most kids have a fairly proportionate height and weight ratio.

If your child is more experienced it makes sense to get them a longer ski that goes up to their eyebrows level. This enables the kid to link parallel turns with ease.

Alternatively, less experienced kids should lean towards the shorter side with skis going as far as their chin height. A shorter ski enables the child to develop their skills, and gives them an easier learning curve.

A foolproof way of getting the perfect ski for you child will be to measure their height in centimeters and subtract ten to twenty centimeters. This will depend on whether they are experienced or at the novice level.


Kid’s skis should be easier to learn with, forgiving, soft, and economical. Most soft skis usually have a composite core that does not require much skill to make it flex, bend, and react when required.

Ordinarily, beginner kid skis have a cap construction that makes the ski lightweight and more forgiving to its user. This construction technique is not only economical but also makes the ski lightweight for newer skiers. For the advanced junior skiers, the construction mostly features vertical sidewalls or wood cores.

If your kid’s skills are between average and competition level, this works best as the ski requires a stronger skill set in order to make it bend and flex appropriately.


Most brands include a rocker at the tip of kids’ skis nowadays. A rocker is the slight bend or reverse-camber shape that a ski has at the tip. The rocker particularly allows the ski to turn that much quicker immediately the ski tips on edge.

For junior skiers who are still snowplowing, a rocker will definitely help the ski grab the snow much easier with little to no effort.

Kids Skis with and without Bindings

You will find many kids skis with bindings on the market and this is often the recommended route to go for compatibility and simplicity.

Skis that come with bindings negate the need to remove or re-drill for boot fitting. One major advantage is that you simply have to slide the binding into place for kid’s boots and it doesn’t compromise the integrity of the ski.

Most skiers will advise that you use a Certified Binding Technician to install, adjust, and test your junior’s ski every season. Certified Technicians have the necessary tools required to enact the binding release action when pressure is exerted onto the binding.

Skis without binding (Flat Skis) require a binding be purchased separately. The general rule of thumb when purchasing bindings is to go for a brake width that is equal to the ski width or up to a margin of 15mm.

Our Final Review for Best Kids Skis

Taking into consideration the size, height and weight of your child when purchasing the right equipment, don’t be afraid to ask questions when looking for your kid’s ski.

Buying the wrong one will make skiing an unpleasant experience for your child and might even ruin their interest in the sport altogether.

Equally important, bring your child along with you and let them choose a ski design or color that they like best.

It’s always a good idea to try the skis on before you purchase them as this will give you the confidence of acquiring the right gear.

The perfect gear for your little one coincides with your kid’s ability, and the terrain you intend to ski on.

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