The 5 Best Kids Ski Helmets in 2019 [Reviewed] – Buyer’s Guide

Kids ski helmets are essential when indulging in any form of recreational snow sports. A reliable kids helmet should provide both comfort and protection.

As its primary function is to provide safety, it’s also good to be knowledgeable with how helmets are made.

The latest technology advancements will help you make the right decision when purchasing a helmet. Another key quality of a good kids ski helmet is its weight. A light, safe, well-fitting helmet is ideal.

Before purchasing a kids ski helmet, consider its features and functionality. A solid helmet will be comfortable, offer ample heating and ventilation, and conform to safety standards. It should also be light, durable and have a perfect fit.

There is a wide range of helmets for kids available in the market today. To ease the process for you, we examined these helmets and generated a list of the 5 best kids ski helmets.

Our 5 Best Kids Ski Helmets 

Giro Range MIPS Snow Helmet
Hybrid In-Mold
13 Adjustable
19 oz
Check Price
Smith Optics Holt Jr. Youth Ski Snowmobile Helmet
10 Fixed
20 oz
Check Price
Smith Variance MIPS Snow Helmet
Cap Hybrid In-Mold
18 Adjustable
18.5 oz
Check Price
Oakley Mod 5 MIPS Ski /Snowboarding Helmet
Hybrid In-Mold
8 Adjustable
20 oz
Check Price
Giro Ledge MIPS Snow Helmet
8 Fixed
18 oz
Check Price

1.  Giro Range MIPS Snow Helmet – Most Features

The Giro range helmet is made using the latest MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) technology, offering you increased protection from oblique forces.

It also has an unsurpassed custom fit and is extremely comfortable. This is due to its Comfort Fit Technology that creates an adaptive fit for this helmet. The semi-flexible construction of this helmet will wrap itself around the head, offering a perfect fit.

The Giro kids ski helmet has Thermal Control Adjustable Venting. This is by far the fastest and easiest system to adjust. A low profile control button on the outside of the helmet allows for instant airflow adjustments.

This helmet guarantees clear goggles when skiing, and the Giro Range MIPS Helmet has a unique type of ventilation to achieve this. The Stack Ventilation System is a development made to keep your goggles fog free throughout your skiing experience.

Its seamless compatibility with all Giro goggles, Integrated GoPro camera mount, and aftermarket Giro audio systems makes it a functional choice. You can listen to your favorite songs as you ski, and also capture your experience to share with friends and family.

This ski helmet has a magnetic buckle which makes it easier when buckling up your helmet, and an antibacterial padding for an added germ-free, hygienic effect.

  • Tough impact resistance
  • Adjustable venting
  • MIPS and CFT systems
  • Magnetic buckle system
  • Ear pads don’t work well to support audio systems

2. Smith Optics Holt Jr. Youth Ski Snowmobile Helmet – Best Price

The Smith Optics Holt Jr youth ski snowmobile helmet is in a class of its own. This helmet combines great functionality with a pocket-friendly price. It is one of the best helmets on the market for its low price range.

This kids ski helmet is made using the ABS technology, resulting in a significantly light and safe helmet with a sleek look.

The Smith Optics helmet has a number of features that add to its functionality. It is fitted with a knob at its rear. This knob permits you to adjust the size of the helmet and adjust it as your kid grows bigger.

It has perfect integration with the Smith goggles and is built with stack ventilation system technology, resulting in clear goggles as you ski. It also has a goggle retainer to hold your goggles in place while you ski. Its adjustable buckle system allows for a flexible fit while the fleece-lined chin guard offers extra comfort.

The Smiths Holt helmet offers ample ventilation with its numerous vents that are strategically placed to facilitate this. Its padded ear flicks are built to provide added warmth while the washable detachable helmet lining provides added hygiene.

  • Very cost effective
  • Added protection with MIPS technology
  • Limited ventilation
  • Cheap liner and foam

3. Smith Variance MIPS Snow Helmet Tough and Light

The Smith Variance ski helmet is an improved version of the Smiths Holt ski helmet. It is considered to be one of their best kids ski helmets.

This Smith Variance kids ski helmet has a hybrid shell construction that combines in-mold and ABS plastic. This makes it tough for added protection, but it is light in weight.

BOA fit system is another feature which offers the wearer a firm fit. It also provides room for an extra layer of warmth underneath the kids helmet if required.

It has an ultimate integration type of ventilation. This is a solid ventilation system that allows extremely sufficient air circulation thus maintaining the right temperature while simultaneously keeping your goggles fog-free.

The interior is high quality with cushioning that provides comfort and a better fit with no pressure points. The Smith Vantage helmet has multiple source music compatibility, making it possible to use a variety of gadgets to listen to music.

  • It is premium for its price
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • BOA adjustment system
  • Not so great venting system

4. Oakley Mod 5 MIPS Ski /Snowboarding Helmet – Best Ventilation System and a Multi-Sport Helmet

With its recent jump into making helmets, Oakley now has two helmets under their belt. The Mod 3 and Mod 5. The Mod 5 is more renowned for its superior features crafted to offer sufficient ventilation and warmth.

It has the revolutionary Modular Brim System (MBS) that facilitates the fitting of both small and large brim sized goggles, offering a perfect solution to a universal problem.

You can switch the detachable brim and fit the one that is most compatible with your goggle size. Although this helmet favors the Oakley goggles, it offers a great solution for other types of goggles too.

This ski helmet has an anti-microbial removable liner that can be cleaned. The buckle is magnetic for safer, more convenient use as it clicks on simply and quickly

The Oakley Mod 5 has a BOA closure system that cups the head, providing a significantly more secure fit. It is constructed using ABS on its front and sides, providing added security against a fall or contact with sharp objects. The ear pads are removable with a built-in dock that holds in a variety of audio system.

  • A removable brim design for a better goggle fit
  • Lightweight
  • Bad ear pad design

 5. Giro Ledge MIPS Snow Helmet – A Strong and Durable Kids Helmet

The Giro Ledge helmet possesses the MIPS technology and angled impact safety feature, making it a very safe kids’ helmet.

This technology allows it to better consume energy from high angle impacts by embedding a low-friction layer in the inner part of the helmet.

It has a carbon fiber shell making it tough, strong, and durable. Though it’s on point in safety terms, this helmet doesn’t integrate well with a wide variety of goggle sizes.

Since it lacks the BOA system, it has no size adjustability function. It maintains the standard click system and therefore lacks the convenience offered by the magnetic system. It offers ample ventilation but tends to lean on the heavier side.

  • Has MIPS technology at a low cost
  • Very durable
  • Not a comfortable fit
  • Does not integrate well with a variety of goggles
  • No magnetic buckle system

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Kids Ski Helmets

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the best kids ski helmets. The key function is to provide protection, but there are other points that one should also consider.

Ski helmets have become more modern, incorporating both fashion and technology. They now come in many flashy youth-appealing colors and shapes.

Children can now take videos and pictures of every experience, making it more memorable and giving them the ability to share these moments with friends and family.

Of course, we still need to remember that the primary function of a helmet should be protection. It must be sturdy and safe.


A kids ski helmet should not only comply with safety and aesthetic parameters but should also offer comfort. The overall comfort depends on many factors including listed below.


The diameter of your head determines the size of a kids ski helmet. Ideally, a well-fitting helmet should not experience any motion when you shake your head. It also shouldn’t be too tight, causing discomfort or pressure points.

Heating and Ventilation

It’s important to consider solid ventilation system that allows extremely sufficient air circulation. Therefore, maintaining the right temperature while simultaneously keeping your goggles fog-free.


Safety is integral when choosing the right kids helmet. A safe helmet will protect your child’s head and reduce or absorb impact during contact. The helmet has a shell and inner lining, and both play important roles to keeping your child safe.

The shell is built to protect your head from injuries from hard and sharp objects. It also distributes the impact across the entire helmet, so the hit is not on one focused area. The inner lining then absorbs this impact. This ensures little to no injury to the wearer.

Make sure your child’s helmet meets the required safety standards and is certified. The USA certification for snow sports is ASTM F2040. Take a look inside the helmet for this certification sticker. It will give you added comfort knowing their protective gear meets the safety standards.

Added Features To Consider


Whether it’s a built-in camera or compatibility with technology such as GoPro, a camera is a definite added advantage. The opportunity to document an experience and share it with friends and family is of great value.


This is one of the favorite features for kids and adults alike, and is becoming a common feature in helmets. When purchasing a helmet, inquire about its music compatibility features.  Also, ensure that it is compatible with the mode you intend to use it with.


There is a wide variety of colors to pick from. Make the choice that pleases your child.


A case is essential. It retains the ski helmets good condition, protects it from pests and parasites, and shields it from damage from the changing weather. In the event that the helmet of your choice doesn’t have a case, it is highly advisable to purchase one separately.

Our Final Review

Safety, weight, and comfort are the most important factors to consider when purchasing the best kids ski helmet.

To avoid discomfort and pressure on certain points, ensure that the helmet fits just right. Ski helmets with custom-fit adjustments such as BOA offer an added advantage towards providing the desired comfort levels and adjustability.

The best kids helmet is one that is light and does not weigh heavily on the head. If you intend to indulge in more than one snow sport, purchasing a multi-sport helmet is something to consider. It is practical and cost-effective.

Shop for a ski helmet that encompasses as many functions as possible. A kids helmet with detachable features that make it functional in both cold and warm temperatures is ideal.

Proper ventilation should also be considered. It will offer ample oxygenation and temperature control when skiing, keeping you cool and energized.

Be practical and just remember to put your kids’ needs into consideration when choosing the best kids ski helmet.

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